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What type of Trust is right for me?

There are many types of trusts, depending on the client’s goals.  The Robert L. Shepard Professional Law Corporation is well versed in all manner of trusts, and will meet with you and help you decide which trust is correct for you.  It really depends on what your goals are.  There are so many different types of trusts; this page could easily be an entire book.  The six most common goals of making a trust are:

1. Avoid Probate

2. Provide for minor children

3. Allow for flexibility

4. Protection from creditors

5. Planning for incapacity

6. Tax reduction / elimination

Even once you know what type of trust you want, there are no fill-in-the-blank style trusts.  They exist, yes, but they are less than worthless.  In fact, they can be downright harmful.  If you are considering a trust, this is the absolutely most important area in which the advice and assistance of professional legal counsel is imperative.  I have reviewed hundreds if not thousands of do-it-yourself trusts and they universally contained major flaws.

Frequently Asked Questions about Estate Planning