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Literally everyone can agree that paying taxes is what of the most unpleasant aspect of modern life.  Regardless of your politics, people can find some part of the government doing something utterly ridiculous with tax payer dollars, or just something you plain do not agree with.  The facial absurdity of our tax code doesn’t mitigate the problem either.  The tax code and regulations are currently over 9,000,000 words.  By contrast, our Declaration of Independence made the case for the birth of a new nation, founded on self government and dedicated to the ideals of equality and freedom. It took about 1,300 words. Our Constitution designed the structure of our federal government and specified the fundamental rights of American citizens. It runs around 5,000 words.

Getting worse every year, with special interests claiming special benefits that leave only the voiceless to pay for everything.  I strongly recommend using a tax professional if you have any questions in the preparation of your tax return, so that I hope you will never have to see me.  I come in if you get audited, or even after the audit when you have the right to go to court.  Let me stand toe to toe with the government bean counters and make sure they count correctly, and keep them in check if they get out of line.  If you are having tax problems, contact me today.